Friday, March 20, 2020

Quake 2 DoD new sounds part 1

Many sounds, like the blacksmith, are our interpretation, being just something different initially as a sound. The sounds are wav files, mono, 22050 Hz, kbps 176, bits per sample 8.

Folders with wav files :

birds →
birds_1 to birds_6
blacksmith →
cat purr or horse →
catpurr_horse_1 and catpurr_horse_2
devices →
cutting_wheel and machine_typist
door →
close_door and open_door_1
trap →
trap_1 and trap_2
water →
various →

_1, _2 etc. are belonging to a group of the same sound type.
For example, Miturel sounds are from my cat.
You can share, transform, adapt and indicate if changes where made.
Give atribution.
Non comercial.
ShareAlike, if you transform or build upon, keep the same license.
Archive file contents, made by Roarke and Roarkes.
Moddb :
Quake 2 DoD new sounds part 1
Google Drive :
Google Drive

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Foley (sound reproduction in movies) and Quake 2 DoD

I found out about the word Foley (which in turn was the name of artist Jack Foley), when Keegan-Michael Key, the actor and comediant showed some sound effects in the show Brain Games.
Foley (filmmaking)
The sound effects (Foley) are sounds that are meant to represent something. Two forks hitting together sound like two swords.
In the show, Brain Games, the sounds where made by a Foley artist, but i cannot find his name in imdb. Sorry.
In moddb, in about a day, i will release Quake 2 DoD new sounds part 1.
They Foley effects are made by me and my brother. I will post them in this blog after release.

One more i made :
raw sound and how to do it example

I'm curious how Quake 2 sounds were made.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Skies textures

The skies in Quake 2 can be files that are tga and pcx, one for each sky position, up, down, left, right, front and back (usual skies).
Or can be just png files for a ceiling used as a artificial sky (sky props).
If you need small sky types when you look at your room or cell window in the game, wal files can help you (windows skies props).

I just tried to keep it simple, but interesting.


Thursday, January 2, 2020

Quark 6.6 beta 7 deletes the temporary folder and your mod folder if you click empty temporary directory

Never click this, it will delete the temporay folders inside your mod folder with all your mod folder files, in our case, roarke. It doesen't go in your Recycle Bin.
I thought that will delete env, maps folders, which are temporary in your roarke folder, but deletes all.
I had to copy a roarke folder from another Quake 2 folder, from the same drive and used it.
I used Empty Now because i made and moded sky textures and Quark didn't registered new or old skyies, only the default one.
But when i copied roarke folder from the other Quake 2 folder, the sky problem is no more.
So, Quark has some type of rare stuck temporary files. Just copy your roarke folder and your temporary env, maps made by Quark editor and if you click Empty Now, you have already made a backup.