28 May 2023

In buymeacoffee, i will switch to Stripe

For you to help me, i will switch from PayPal to Stripe, for buymeacoffee.


PayPal is no longer supported on Buy Me a Coffee.

how to change my membership payment method from paypal

I asked if a intellectual property rights option can be added, to be paid as a artist.

25 April 2023

Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness and RTX client problem

There are few problems and the default Quake 2 weapons is one of them.

One image shows the dagger in the link below, using RTX client, emwhich is using ray-tracing.

Dawn of Darkness mod is not compatible 

30 October 2022

Halloween drawing


My brother draws in pencil and sometimes in felt pen. 

I draw in Sketchbook with a 2B, like in the above drawing.

20 June 2022

19 February 2022

News about my brother fantasy drawings

My brother started to make fantasy drawings and plans to sell them.

I will make a button here, on the blog, where they will be presented in a lowered resolution than those who will be sold.

The drawings will be sold below :

Thank you !