20 June 2022

19 February 2022

News about my brother fantasy drawings

My brother started to make fantasy drawings and plans to sell them.

I will make a button here, on the blog, where they will be presented in a lowered resolution than those who will be sold.

The drawings will be sold below :

Thank you !




23 January 2021

Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness review

Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness is a total conversion mod made by Ward Six Entertainment in 1999 and is a fantasy rpg fps game.

The game follows Roarke, who in the past was a warlord in the Lucitanian army that seeing the true face of evil, was caught between honor and his family, his daughter Sylmaril.

This total connversion has new npc, monsters, items that can heal you, textures and weapons.
The weapons have different types of dealing damage.
For example :
Knife movements, not fluent in the animation here
The dagger can swing from left to right to slash, and down and up to stab.
The sword can parry and it can parry arrows too but i am not to fond of this and i tend not to use it when facing archers. 
It may be a sort of a Matrix type of super hero or maybe the developers was thinking that Roarke had a six sense or something, or maybe when he encountered the witch in the game, something changed in him.

The game will help you in the beginning

Enemy is hurt and abandons the fight
The arrows can penetrate different type of surfaces
What is interesting here is that the textures have abreviations that dictate what a texture do as acting as a surface.
For example the arrow will pierce a wooden board but will deflect of a metal beam.

Low health and low ammo on your bow will give you a sense of dread
Cannons in the game are prefabs made by poly parts that can have the
means to use cannon balls ammo, almost like making a cannon in Quake 2.

A glass item can be shattered
You can turn the game with the prefabs in a more steampunk type of game and also give it a different story with the Quake army knife editor.

Another NPC
The camera in the game can make a presentation for you when mixed with a dialog between the player and a npc or a monster (yes you can talk to a monster and it will not attack you if you add a state for him in the monster proprieties), but you can also use the camera with or without the text dialog in the game.

The dialog is a sort of a Lua type text, that can help you advance in the game just like a rpg, or can trigger different things in different levels trough the use of the game memory (GSM min and max are functions).

You can take and read a book
Keys, like other items, can be taken from dead bodies and are used on doors. In Quake army knife editor, you can make a npc sleeping, beside a dead function
You can play multiplayer in deathmatch by time only and not death count because i have not yet found a possibility of doing so when we restore some functions. 
You can also play coop and i think here you have more to add in the map that you can made.

20 January 2021

Quake army knife errors (part 1)

Error in console :

SampleTriangulation: no points.
Situation : 
The map renders to fulbright when played.

Problem :
Texture to small on face of the poly.
Resolved :
Scale the texture to 0.5 0.5 or other number.


Quake Army Knife 6.6 beta 6 - dragging a group of polys in the panel


When you drag a group of polys in the editor panel, you can make a prefab out of them. You either than drag them back in your working place as parts or as a whole.
A prefab is like a real ,,prefabricated section of a object,, that can be put somewhere (a building etc.)
Prefab example in the editor and in its 3D fullscreen view, for Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness mod (minus the object_flame1 and light entity which are added to the prefab - more on this later) :