Monday, December 12, 2016

Enclave, another great rpg game tutorials and modding by Amran

                          Northern Watch - Survival Level map by Amran

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ogier editor

Additional Documentation & Examples Released :
additional documentation examples released

Creating Your First Map :
creating your first map by shawn amranx davison

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

About Dawn of Darkness

by EricBoyceU
Note : the video posted may look a bit to bright on your monitor.
Dawn of Darkness was an excellent RPG/adventure/action game that was dumped by Ward Six Entertainment in 1999. It's not well-known, but it is a real gem, so make sure you play it.
Dawn Of Darkness takes place in a long vanished world of mighty forgotten empires and magic. It is the tale of a once revered Lucitanian warlord, Roarke The Merciless, caught between his obligations to his family, his empire and his honor.
You are Roarke the Merciless, imprisoned in the captured Manawyd monastary by an army from the Cheitan Empire who have attacked the village you have lived in. Roarke is an elite fighter, if perhaps a little out of practice since his days as one of Lucitan's greatest warlords. You begin playing armed with only the dagger Roarke had hidden in his boot, you must escape and find Sylmaril. How you do this is up to you. The game is played with basically the most of the same controls as Quake 2, except for the new commands and items bindings we've added.
Dawn of Darkness is a complete Total Conversion, including all-new weapons, bad guys, maps, textures, models, etc. There is even a new inventory system, and a character dialogue system where you can talk to anyone.
Weapons include a dagger and sword which you use by attacking while moving the mouse in the direction you wish to swing. Each weapon also has an alternate attack mode which do things like punch, block, etc. You can also get a bow, crossbow, pistol, blunderbuss, even a shovel. Some weapons have magical properties, like the sword which goes into Bloodlust mode when you're particularily lethal, and you can decapitate enemies.
Quake II 3.20 is required.

Dawn of Darkness

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

20 Years of Quake by TKAzA from moddb

20 years ago, Quake was born.

Quake was released 20 years ago, so to wish this title and all its offspring a happy 20th birthday, here's 20 of the tops mods across the titles, with some interesting variety for those that really want to kick it up a notch. Enjoy!

20 years of Quake

Dawn of Darkness for Quake 2 is presented there among other Quake 2 mods. Many Quake series related mods are in the link.

I'm one month late :(