Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ash from Evil Dead falling car test

You know Ash from Evil Dead ? Here is his car falling :)

Download :

Ash car

Explanation :

- The car is a func_object made of polys
- The black shadow formed under the falling car is a poly with a black texture in a func_explosive.
- A few trigger_once are in front of the player.
- A trigger_once contact a func_explosive and spawn a shattered "terrain" effect.
- trigger_once triggers a target_speaker, with a broken glass sound. The car has now shattered glass effect

In Quark 6.6 beta 7 : 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Web textures

How the textures look in Quark texture browser.
                                                                    ... Roarke has to stop teleporting to the future ...

Download :

Web textures

If windows 7 ultimate doesen't open by default Quark 6.6 beta 7 .qrk, .qkm, .bsp or .map files

If someday in Quark 6.6 beta 7, when you double click a .qrk, .qkm, .bsp or .map file and windows 7 ultimate doesen't allow by default to open these files with Quark, go in regedit and delete the below instance (with its regedit Quark folder) :

Next time when you double click a .qrk, .qkm, .bsp or .map file, windows 7 ultimate will ask you again to choose a default program. Choose alway open with, at your Quark.exe and will work, the above instance will write itself in regedit.