01 July 2024

Romanian translation of Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness update


Strikethrough always updated in (TBD) DoD romanian translation button.

The text 2_1_adrianna text has the most letters encountered yet.

In the romanian language the following vowel letters exist :
ă, â

I must test in Dawn of Darkness, if for example i add the word "hotărât" which means "decided" in english language, the word must be seen without problems.
Other vowel letters exist.
Other than this, i must test the following consonant :
If for example i add the word "țap" in a text, which means "goat" in english language, the word must be seen in Dawn of Darkness.
After i translate all texts, i will add the vowels and consonant and test them in Dawn of Darkness.

"weak in power, but he caught me in this weakened, depleted state.`

I don't know if leaving the following sentence in text, where the backtick "`" is on the next line, will make any difference, because sometimes this happens if more words are added :




Backspace resolves it. 

"The Sphere shows the exact location of the sword." 

If i use "sphere" and not "Sphere", should not make any difference.

Also, "Then return here, and we shall talk once more" in romanian language, is without "," before "and" and is like this :

"Atunci întoarce-te aici și vom mai vorbi o dată"

Some words, like "Cheitan" and "Amarath" should not pose problems if i put them like "cheitan" and "amarath".

I believe that the way they were written with a uppercase, is for developers to remember as keywords. 


26 June 2024

Drawing (fantasy) - Mummy holding a knife

Drawing i made in 2022, on a square paper at around 9 cm.

Drawing (Fantasy) - Ape man among vegetation

 A drawing i made in 2022, on A5 paper, 60 gsm, wich shows a ape man among vegetation walking on their above ground roots.

20 June 2024

I begun translating in romanian language Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness

I will announce in the blog and on moddb, how much i've done and when i will finish it. I may fix some issues afterwards.

Link :

(TBD) DoD romanian translation 

Strikethrough of visual represetation of number of texts done, is always updated in (TBD) DoD romanian translation link.

Some words will be arhaic.

I dedicate this to Cătălin Frâncu, the founder of dexonline, Laurențiu Rădvan, historian in medieval history and professor at the faculty of history "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" from Iasi, Romania and the readers who read us.

Thank you.

06 June 2024

Other programs for Quake 2 editing

PakScape: Is used to import/export/delete files, folders from the opened pak file,  which is some sort of a archive. You can rename the .pak file to .rar  and vice versa but it cannot always work. Quake Army Knife can open pak  files, import files, but cannot make folders easily.  


WinBSP: This program is used to convert .bsp to .map. or .map files to .bsp  files. Bsp to map screws sometimes the quake 2 map polygons. (walls,  prefabs,etc.)