Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Raw sound and how to do it, example

From a spaceship toy, you can get a squeaky sound when you rotate the top, and you can use the sound, for a door or a door with chains.
Almost all sounds are made manually

Door with chains example :

squeaky sound2

New sounds and how you can do them

I will post new sounds and how you can make others will be explained.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

If you have "missing skin image file" error in Quark 6.6 beta 7 editor

  In Quark 6.6 beta 7, after one or some mouse clicks, you may get this error.

The player skin was showing in the game, but the error in Quark editor was shown. Doesen't matter that the file roarke.pcx was not here in this game folder, by default, temporary or not.
Put it here from pak0.pak from your roarke mod folder. You must rename it to skin.pcx after you close your Quark editor.

Using PakScape to get roarke.pcx

 Renaming roarke.pcx to skin.pcx after you close your Quark editor