Sunday, November 15, 2015

Preview of the prefabs will look like this in the new updated Dawn of darkness file

A candelabrum made by my brother.

It will show a wireframe of the prefab, the prefab itself and how big it is next to the player.

DoD Additional Editing Documentation by Shawn Davison aka Amran

This file is meant as a companion to the already released official documents and entity definition files, so it is recommended to download and read through those as well. I have included some additional information on a few editing topics related to creating Dawn of Darkness levels, and hope to expand on this more in the future.
dod additional editing documentation

Example :

THANK YOU Amran !!!

The above is a massive update to the below files i posted :

dod mood scripts gsm tutorials fgd and def file

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I found a way to export a .obj file to .map

How to make or export blender dae to map
As the explanation in the above link has problems with .dae files, as of 2015, and don't know why, i found another way.

First make a Tetrahedron in Wings3D. Export it as a .obj file.
Import the .obj file with Inivis AC3D. Export it as a Quake Map.
Open Quake Map with Quark. You must switch to Quake, copy "Map structure". Switch to Quake 2 in Quark and paste it.

Or you can make something and export only with Inivis AC3D.



AC3D will run for 14 days.

It is posibile that some work will have broken poly in Quark.

Warning :