Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sun light tutorial

 A unfinished city with "light" entity clicked on.

The unfinished city with yellow texture and "info_null" clicked on, yellow texture is the sky texture (skygy001). This is how it is looking in Quark editor. In the game will be normal.

Tutorial :

 "Is" are my modification and after "not" are panjoo's ones. The rest are how panjoo told us.

"_sun_ambient" is -20 and not 100 or 120 150 50, for shadows. You now have proper shadows. Feel free to experiment.

Sun part one

"_sun_angle" and "_sun_mangle" is what i have used. "_sun_mangle" you can add in Quark by clicking "+", when you double click your worldspawn.
"info_null" is what i used and not adding any values to "_sun_diffade" and "_sun_difwait", because you are using "info_null" with targetname inside.
"_sun_vector" is missing, panjoo didn't explained about it.

Sun part 2

When you enter worldspawn, add the following :

Add a "info_null" and write a targetname :

"info_null" will pe put next to the "light".

Add a "light" and write a target :

Use 2400 or little depending on the size of the map.

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