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It is time to look for information on food, food used in XVI century.

Foreign words in your language

Maybe you didn't know, but you may have foreign words in your language, wich were inspired or introduced in yours and have the same meaning

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We use, for example the word "lulea", from the turkish word "lületaşı", wich means "smoking pipe".

Baldachin was originally a luxurious type of cloth from city of  Baghdad, now in my country, and in the english spoken ones, is a outside tent, seen if you play the Dod demo.

Bazar in romanian/english language comes from the persian Persian word بازار bāzār is a marketplace.

Begar, in english language comes from the Hindi word बेगार begaar, from Persian word بیگار  bi-gār, wich means forced laber, because we all should know that some of the begars have a boss.

Bostani (plural), in romanian language comes from the persian word Bostanji, a bustaan flower or herb garden.
And  from بو bo fragrance + ستان -stan place. one of the imperial guards of Turkey whose duties include protecting the palace and its grounds, rowing the sultan's barge, and acting as imperial gardeners.

Calendar in romanian/english language comes from the persian word Calender or qalandar (dervish order), Persian word قلندر qalandar, from Arabic word كالندر, and from Persian word قلندر kalandar uncouth man, one of a Sufic order of wandering mendicant dervishes.

Candy in english language comes from the persian word قند qand, meaning sugar.

Carafa (romanian) and Carafe (english) comes from the arabic word gharafa (قرافه), "to pour"; or from Persian word qarabah, (قرابه) a large flagon.

Caravana (romanian) and Caravan (english) comes from Persian word کاروان kārawān. a company of travelers, pilgrims, or merchants on a long journey through desert or hostile regions: a train of pack animals.

 Caviar in romanian/english language comes from the Persian word khaviyar (خاویار), from خیا khaya "egg"+ در dar "bearing, holder".

Ceacâr in romanian language means a dog etc. wich has a eye/eyes with diferent colours, wich i personaly believe comes fom Hindi word चकोर chakor, from Persian word چاکر chaker. India: a person in domestic service: a servant; also: a clerical worker.

Salaza (romanian) and Chalaza (english) comes from the Persian word ژاله zhaala hail. Either of a pair of spiral bands of thickened albuminous substance in the white of a bird's egg that extend out from opposite sides of the yolk to the ends of the egg and are there attached to the lining membrane.
Sah (romanian) and Chess (english) is a a two-player strategy board game and comes from the Persian word شاه shah ("the King"), an abbreviation of شاه-مات Shâh-mât (Checkmate).

Jasmine from the Persian word یاسمین yasmin, the name of a climbing plant with fragrant flowers.

Khaki (english) and Kaki (romanian) comes from Hindustani and Urdu ख़ाकी/خاکی khaki ("made from soil", "dusty" or "of the colour of soil"), and from Persian خاک khak soil.

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English words of Persian origin

Thank you, romanian writer Laurentiu Radvan

Thank you, romanian writer Laurentiu Radvan, a teacher and writer of history, for the book "Orașele din țările române în evul mediu (sfârșitul sec. al XIII-lea – începutul sec. al XVI-lea)"
"Cities from romanian countries in the Middle Ages (end sec. XIII - beginning of sec. XVI"

So, anyone who knows romanian language and/or want to learn our history, you can go to his place :

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Inscriptions on buildings will be added

I decided that, being that DoD is a fantasy mod, the inscriptions will be fantasy letters. The colors of the religious buildings can of course retain the true nature.