Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why i think using words in modding/developing games is important

I managed to buy in my country from a thriftshop a Franklin wordmaster QM - 1055.

"Complete electronic thesaurus, phonetic spelling corrector and word game player. Contains 780,000 synonyms for 94,000 entry words and spells over 83,000 words from Collins. Featuring: sound-alikes, matchmaker, user word list and crossword puzzle solver".

My mother knew german language, but besides remembering some words, she cannot anymore remember how to write or speak the majority of the words. This is why, is important, to always talk to someone in a foreign language or at least write. And for games, for gameplay of a game, either on a pc or a console, with atention to words, theyr importance and theyr meanings. And you will learn how other culture think, beside yours and learn something new. A language that will help you interact, live and work.

Android 8BitPhoto program images examples

You can find the program on Google Play. It has effects as 8 bit, from different consoles and old computers or you can make a image as viewed trough a ZX Spectrum.