Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A happy new year !

A happy new year, for those who celebrate it, regardless of religion.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Map screenplay test

Canon the destroyer of buildings

Somewhere in Daehruoyni...

--In a small village, 4 houses, one (belonging to the player) has invasive plants around it.
Player and NPC :
The player, the village fool, his name is Agaku.
The first npc is a wizard, the second is a beggar, the third is a noble man, the fourth is the noble wife and the 5's the bard, the country fool friend.--

The wizard is Zhuberu
The begar is Ranuba
The noble man is Zilepa
The noble woman is Cidia
The bard is Sendil

--The player sits in his house (which has only one room), with a cannon next to him--

Mesage :
"The door is closed, something or someone has lock you in"
"What are you looking for is not here !"
"What i'm looking for ?"
"Someone has put something in my house, when yesterday i was in the woods, for a walk"

--The player destroy a part of his house, by triggering the cannon--

Mesage triggered by the explosion:
"Damn. I have destroyed my house."

--The wizard sits angry on the front of his house, damaged to by the explosion--

Mesage 1 triggered using the wizard:
"It is my house fool and you have destroy it. You destroyed yours too, you want to be turned into a frog ?"
Mesage 1 by player:
"It is not my fault that i have darkness in my room"
Mesage 2 by wizard:
"Make a window next time, bastard ! I bet you don't know what that thing is, you are not the country fool for nothing..."
Mesage 2 by player:
"What ? The window or the explosive thing ?"
Mesage 3 by wizard:
"The "explosive thing" is a cannon. Let me spell that for you... C A N N O N. It should be used against you. Lucky for you, but i doubt you will know
how to be a real man in the future, i'm a sear to, besides being a wizard. Your future will be bright and you will give me compensation for my house".

--The beggar sits in the center of the houses and laughs...--

Mesage 1 triggered using the beggar:
"Watch your tongue, fool !"
Mesage 1 by player:
"Watch out your tongue, fool ! Or i will cut it with my knife"
Mesage 2 by beggar:
"You draw your knife hoping that you will find your trickster, not knowing where to find him. Hey, where are you going to return the money you own me ?"
Mesage 2 by player:
"Ask the wizard"

A year passed...

Mesage 1 triggered by wizard:
"Being that your nickname is Cannon and by theway, the noble man cannot even spell it right, he asked me if you can find his stol... i mean his sword, from the woods"
Mesage 1 by player:
"What's in for me ?"
Mesage 2 by wizard:
"You can stay in the village, like the nuisance you are !"