Dawn of Darkness issues

Here i will post, either discovered by us or EricBoyceU from moddb, issues with the game. Anssi Hyytiäinen or Ben Glover maps which i posted on moddb, have, as you all know, different maps, test maps or otherwise. All must be tied with the Dawn of Darkness Episode 1 release from moddb. EricBoyceU will do it, as i and my brother work on DoD prefabs and multiplayer maps. The majority of tihis issues where discovered by EricBoyceU from moddb.

1 :
"And remember the Dialog Tree is easly broken if not followed in a specific manner - use the Arrow Keys to go through the Menu Options and the Enter Key to choose Dialog Topics." by EricBoyceU
Yes, the cook mission can make DoD unplayable, if you don't choose the corect path to give him what he want. I won't spoil it here. This error i rembered that it was in the past and happened to me once and never taught it was the dialog to be choosed in the specific order, to be blamed. But it happens rarely.

2 :  "Roarke gets stuck in the cave entering the village of Elvod level!" by EricBoyceU 

You could get stuck, but works for me now.

3 : Monsters get stuck in the terrain margins

I experienced this and it is the way monsters in DoD don't know how to react because of the way that they get in the terrain spot.

4 : "Monsters get stuck in walls" by EricBoyceU   

For some reason, they can get stuck, rarely, in walls. But this chance is 1 to 10, as a comaprision. 

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