Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Go play Prince of Persia, if you didn't do it already

A persian fantasy game.
wiki Prince of Persia
Go here to read more great stuff made by the developer :
Jordan Mechner
Or here, for the game series forum :
princed forum

Inventing signs in DoD world

The figure (a sultan without a arm) on the left can be seen on different DoD new places, some ca contain secrets.

Cheitan Empire sultan, which name i will not say here, a name that should not be said, lost a arm. If we are to believe many people who were not yet enslaved by the Cheitan Empire. Either is true or false, the Cheitan Empire sultan, have not been seen in public.
Arab inventor Falhair Thailhalid

Besides different invented languages in a game world, there can be signs, which will give you secrets, if you can resolve them. Or different short stories, like the one above. Put them in a book, take them with you, DoD traveler.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I asked again for the actor George Alexandru photo

I asked again for actor George Alexandru photo from Cinemagia site. I done it again. The first time maybe they didn't see my email. I want to be righteous and don't go steal people images from the net.