DoD demo and miscellaneous

Update, due to DepositFiles files lost :

Here are the following demo files, which are here and moddb :

dod246, dod1_10, dod1_11  - this are demo files, from 246 to 1_11
Three demos which where having more added content. Use the newer dod1_10 with patch dod1_11.

DoD czech translation files. There was a italian one, which is lost :(

Ben Glover files
The old files that were lost. Don't use the gamex86.dll included (some AI soldiers get stuck). Even without this release off gamex86.dll, copy all the folders in your roarke folder. Don't overwrite your existing text files, just let it copy the new ones. The missing maps can be accesed by console, if you want to test them.

Anssi Hyytiäinen files

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