Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Because of blogger, i cannot click anymore on "Proverbs" tab. I removed "Videos" tab. Now i can click again on "Proverbs" tab. Videos will be posted somewhere on the right.

Three more documents of moldavian interest are added

Being that in general, i didn't find and there are not many documents (books) about the moldavian houses in the XVI era, i found the following titles :

Marile puteri şi spatiul românesc în secolele XV-XVI de Ileana Cazan si Eugen Denize.
The great powers and the romanian space in the XV-XVI by Ileana Cazan si Eugen Denize.
Negustorii straini “protejaţi” în Imperiul Otoman în secolele XVI–XVII de Viorel Panaite.
Foreign merchants "protected" in the Ottoman Empire in the centuries XVI–XVII by Viorel Panaite.

Tipologia locuinţelor domneşti din secolele XIV-XVI. Câteva consideraţii cu caracter preliminare. De Cristian Nicolae Apetrei.
Housing typology of the XIV-XVI reign. Some preliminary considerations. By
Cristian Nicolae Apetrei.

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