Saturday, February 25, 2017

Updated ''Short Pixly android program presentation ...''

I updated more ''Short Pixly android program presentation for animation and Quake 2 transparency''. I will explain later Pixly effects.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Creating .pal file and convert or make/transparent textures in Gimp

If you are not using Jasc Paint Shop pro 7, go below, for a tutorial in creating a .pal file for making/transparent textures for Quake 2, in Gimp and converting them as .wal files with Wally :
q2 palette textures

My Quake 2 .pal file i converted using Jasc Paint Shop pro 7, so you can make your own textures from scratch or apply the .pal file to a image :
Quake 2 .pal file

You can get Jasc Paint Shop pro 7 from here :

COLLADA .dae models

                                                                             Curtyard and castel

I will make models (buildings etc.) and post them here as .dae files, in the maps me and my brother will make as prefabs, in the blog button above. The .dae models must be exported to .map files (which in turn are brushes), which QuArK editor works with. The above models are just examples i made. Feel free to get inspired by them.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Images (Peles castle) which can inspire you in mapping

It is a castle which was buid in Sinaia, Romania, between 1873 and 1914 

The next photos were taken by me last year, on a trip


The next four images are Pelișor castle, in the same courtyard :

 From a ww1 cemetary, not in the Peles courtyard :

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Short Eraser android program presentation

Auto deletes portions of a image                       After deleting a portion, you must pay attention to details

Of course, if you do this way, and using the door for a Quake 2 texture, it may not look right (too bright, different shades etc.). The above image is just a example. The door must be photographed to about one, two meters in front of you straight, framing it in your camera, not like i did above. Because the image is using different colors than the one made for Quake 2, you must either do a door texture yourself at pixel level, how was done or try to corect the texture or color it yourself, thus means working at pixel level, if you choose to color it or replace colors, in Pixly or a program of your choice.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Short Pixly android program presentation for animation and Quake 2 transparency

This is a good program from Google Play, for a android phone, which can help you make textures at pixel level and animations. Quake 2 was done like this, but with Deluxe Paint.

 Gif pal and pal files. The quake 2 pal gif is below, but not used by the program. In the past i just forgot about it to delete it from my phone. Only Quake 2 pal file is used for Pixly and DoD. I will upload the .pal file later.
 Pal colors example
 Duplicate frame
 Two frames
 Frame time editing
 Frame time
Above the frames are used if you make animated textures for Quake 2. More about it later. Transparency could be done around a texture. Thus the Quake 2 brush will have a transparent texture. If you draw something in the center, you could have a fence etc.
 The last color is transparency. It is #9f5b53, which in turn represents rgb (159, 91, 83).
A plant i made
The result

 If you are using Eraser (other program not showned here) on android, toggle transparency in Pixly

Checking Resize Canvas so you will know the canvas in the second image too, you don't want a smaller canvas in the second image, if you do a animated texture or add other things in a second image or more
Checking Resize Canvas
Using Eraser program (other program not showned here), clear is the same in Pixly

Don't forget that the image must always be gif or png for pixel art, or it will loog with smudges in a jpg file ! For Quake 2 or Quake 2 mods, like DoD, save as .jpg or .pcx file with Paint Shop Pro 7 or Gimp and then convert in .wal with Wally.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Some animation i made

They are zoomed in a little by choosing "small" in blogger. The original, made in my android phone with Pixly, are below. I know that i must make them at a higher resolution.