Friday, April 27, 2018

Beloko Q2-touch review

In august and september 2015 i tested Q2-touch by Beloko with DoD.
Beloko Games, a company which makes programs that run old games
Quake 2 Touch tried again
It didn't work than and now. I tried the last version now, but you may want to know in more detail why.

                                    -+-+-+-+-+-+ Beloko Q2-touch review -+-+-+-+-+-+

 I'm using Quake 2 v3.24 Unofficial Patch (.exe version by Knightmare with my game.
This is not a typical review and not a negative on purpose, as i think Beloko program which run Quake 2 is good.
I will write now about Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness mod problems with Beloko, using the last Q2-touch v. 2.1. First you must move your .dll files from outside baseq2 folder inside a different (pvrgl.dll, quake2.exe) folder. No error for this.

Renaming roarke to baseq2, will make a config.cfg on the outside of the faux baseq2 folder, which has the inside lines like :
bind 6 "use Blunderbuss"
The lines, beside other stuff inside are like the ones from the .cfg inside roarke folder and there is default.cfg in the folder, not config.cfg. When you enter Q2-touch, don't write +set game roarke and use Main Campaign and Start Full.

In single player mode, a rather short delay in the demo backround before entering the level i observed. The first door from the cell moves and sounds without stop and will stop if you keep the distance. Not all door sounds work, neither on the water ripple model. Other doors move quicly and a little when opened upon touching them and
you must go quicly trough them, so you will not be damaged. Other sounds, light, textures, even animated and text of a door, can normaly can be heard and see  trough the level.

Warning on the top left for missing icons of things, like Quake 2 weapons can be observed and the missing weapon in hand shoots a white model wich gives a yellow sprite upon contact with a surface, like in Quake 2.
Without a weapon in hand, npc, monsters, items, model flames on walls to see, you may check your made level like this.
Load your level on the first spot, by saving automaticly or save and load is ok, if using Dawn of darkness load menu, but sometimes when you put Q2-touch in the android phone backround and up again
it will freeze. Dawn of darkness exit menu will normaly close it if the game level freeze.
Q2-touch controls the save and load too, from the ingame icons and quick save and load are working too.

If your roarke folder is not renamed, write +set game roarke. Weapon in hand from Quake 2 can be seen in single player mode. You may check your made level like this. Either way, Q2-touch multiplayer was not tested yet.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fixed download from soundcloud

I fixed ,,download from soundcloud,, in the Sounds button links.