Fantasy miniature painting

Here i will post tutorials on painting miniatures. The left miniature i painted/ornate is just a example i have done in the past.

When you prepare your miniature, be sure is clean of any oils or dirt etc. and remove any unecesary parts (mold parts or even miniature parts) with your cutter.
The opening of the paint tube you use, must be cleaned on its top, if not the paint may expel when pressed, with force.

The miniature base colour you use can be the color black, painted with a acrylic paint or oil paint, but ussualy the acrylic paint is used. 
You use a base colour first, so the next colours used make use of the shadows and details on the model better.
Try to use a profesional, artist quality or such, paint, not kids paint.

After miniature base painting is done and dried, you paint the big parts and than the little parts, complex ones (hands, feet, eyes, mouth) and for every layer of paint you make, leave to dry for couple of hours (if not, the paint will curl or possible crack).

Mix your paint with something else, other than your brush. (For example use the back of your paintbrush).

The artificial light used must not directly project upon the model, the light must and if posible, not cast shadows and be like a subject in reality when you paint.
Put a small box on top of the miniature to protected from dust until the paint is dried.

The brush must be allowed to dry, cleaned with water, and hanged upside down, so the water does not affect the base of the brush when it evaporates.
 1.                                                                                                           2.

1. Use a putty to stick the miniature model on something. 
2. After you painted the base colour (in this case i used a oil based and must put two layers because the first one does not stick fully to the miniature), i inserted in a cutted expanded polystyren piece, so when you done painting it, you put a box on its margins, so it will protect it from dust until it is dried. :)

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