Themed Persian, turkish and moldavian cuisine

Persian, turkish and moldavian cuisine.

I post here good aplications or even games, regarding recipes. If they get comercial i will remove them from here. By today standards, you must choose the food carefully, so buy the ingredients from your local marketplace, and avoid malls.

Persian recipes:

Free version of Persian Recipes, on google play, for android devices:
,, The free version of Persian Recipes is a collection of 77 recipes gathered in 2 languages (Persian/Farsi and English) and sorted in an alphabetical order. You can simply choose your preferred language when you start the app for the first time. The recipes have been organized into 4 different categories: appetizers, soups, main recipes, and desserts. The app is very simple to use for users of all ages, and works offline without the need for an internet connection.,,
Persian Recipes

Fun fact:
dolmeh Barge Moo is also found in the moldavian cuisine under the name ,,sarmale,, but to my disappointment, our moldavian recipe is a downgraded version of the persian recipe.

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