Real persian and turkish proverbs. I didn't find moldavian proverbs, because either they are from Maramures, Transilvania or Moldova county, they represent romanian proverbs. I didn't find those which are used in my county. I will post them if i find any. I will move them in topics, if they are many. Now, i will translate them for you :) Some you will find in my DoD maps.

Qualities and defects :

Persia :

A mule, which caries his own weight is more treasured than a lion that tears people.
Do not hesitate to depart a friend who betrays you.
Four things we have more than we believe : Defects, debths, years and enemies.

Turkey :

Where is honey, they are flies.
Every defect that Sultan likes becomes quality.
They is no forest without jackals.
Where the sheep make mistakes, the goat is named a princess.
The weakness spoils the things and the man stubbornness.

Virtue :

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