Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moldavians, turks and persians...

Moldavians, turks and persians have all interesting history (culture and war). Being myself from Romania, the Moldavian region (i'm not talking about the Republic of Moldova), i will talk sometimes about history. But not that much in detail, because you will surely leave this blog ! I will talk about history, because persians are the inspiration for Dawn of Darkness mod. Either this or the developer of the mod, Ward Six Entertainment, used inspiration from turks too. Turks, as i know, had an interest in Persian Empire (Safavid dynasty (1501–1736 AD). I found out that they resemble Dawn of Darkness, which involved war. Like turks had an interest on moldavians. But i don't judge and won't allow hatred in this blog. You will learn history, if you want, post your opinions about Dawn of Darkness, if you want, but not hate eachother by means of race, language etc. !
And if you wonder, the above image is the moldavian coat of arms. An alpha image for a texture, unfinished. Btw, you will learn, another time, how to make maps, textures and prefabs, tutorials for Dawn of Darkness. This can be applied of course, for Quake 2.

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