Friday, May 18, 2018

Let's make textures - introduction : words and abbreviation used for textures and arrow behavior

Before i begin talking about in detail about making textures, i will present now words that describe textures and abbreviation used in DoD. I figure out about abbreviation with my brother and if you thing something is wrong, you can comment here.

Words for textures in Quark editor are presented as folders, you can click on a foder and texture and in PakScape (a .pak viewer).

Words that describe textures :                                    
                                                                                       Textures word abbreviation example :



                                                                     Textures abbreviation :

Begining letters abbreviation                                          Ending letters abbreviation
                        This means :                                                                 This means :

hrd                   hard                                                         pl                  panel
nrm                  normal                                                     rk                  rock
sft                     soft                                                          fb                 fabric
                                                                                         wd               wood
                                                                                         tl                  tile
                                                                                         gr                 grainy (could be grass too)
                                                                                         sd                 side 
                                                                                         rd                 side road
                                                                                         rp                 rope
                                                                                         st                 stich
                                                                                         gl                 glass

The below words are used as it is, only in the begining.

The numbers on the end of the textures name are for differentiate from eachother :

  A arrow will penetrate a soft, wood, fabric and grass textures, but if it will hit rock or metal will ricochet horizontally or vertically or from wall to wall and doesen't hurt the player.                                                                                                         
sftfb                                             sticks 0 %
sftwd                                           sticks 90 %
sftrd                                             sticks 95 %
sftsd                                             sticks 20 %
sftrp                                             sticks 75 %
sftst                                              sticks 35 %
sftgr                                             sticks 95 %
nrmgl                                           ricochet 100 %
       rk                                          ricochet 100 %
       pl                                          ricochet 100 %

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