Monday, May 28, 2018

Let's make textures - part 3 (Paintshop pro 7 and Wally)

You can make a texture from scratch and only prepare it with Paintshop pro 7 ! You will save it in the end with Wally.
Make sure the image is 8 bit image (256 colors) in Paintshop pro 7 or decrease it.

                                                                  Leave it like this, run optimizer

                                                            Pallete based, 0 dithering, 256 colors
                                            Use ,,Existing palette,, if you make a texture with a program with another palette
                                            (you will apply Quake 2 palette later, in the end and be sure to be 256 colors)

                              Single color transparency, existing image or layer transparency

                        Leave it non-interlaced, click ok, if you overwrite it, close the image and open it again
                   Now the backround pink type color which is transparent in Quake 2 and DoD looks bright
                   Bright vs how the image should be
If the image has a transparency, tweak your RGB with Paintshop pro 7 by clicking colors, edit palette and double click the pink color, be sure to be index 1 or 2 or at least choose the right pink. For a easy way, click Sort order By Hue
Tweak your RGB and after you put the right numbers, 159  91  83, you can click add to custom, for further remembering
Click ok and ok on Edit Palette
It is ok in Wally if the image looks bright, save it as a wal file with the size of 16, 32, 64, 128, 256. 

In Quark editor and in the game, for the transparency around the texture to appear, click mist and trans33 or trans66 in FaceFlags. If you look very close, the texture has a transparency effect too, but not from the distance.

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