Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Foley (sound reproduction in movies) and Quake 2 DoD

I found out about the word Foley (which in turn was the name of artist Jack Foley), when Keegan-Michael Key, the actor and comediant showed some sound effects in the show Brain Games.
Foley (filmmaking)
The sound effects (Foley) are sounds that are meant to represent something. Two forks hitting together sound like two swords.
In the show, Brain Games, the sounds where made by a Foley artist, but i cannot find his name in imdb. Sorry.
In moddb, in about a day, i will release Quake 2 DoD new sounds part 1.
They Foley effects are made by me and my brother. I will post them in this blog after release.

One more i made :
raw sound and how to do it example

I'm curious how Quake 2 sounds were made.

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