Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Word play

Here i will gather word play. Blogger doesen't allow to much buttons (next to "Prefabs", "Textures" ...), so i gonna see where to put "Word play".

EricBoyce1 fantasy poetry

"And though my dreams are now cast in darkness, i can still see by the light of the moon and the Dawn of Darkness !"

Romanian fantasy poetry

Roarke word play

- I have an issue with my tissue. It has human tissue in it, said the Cheitan soldier, seconds after being fire upon in Manawyd by Roarke's blunderbuss rifle.
- I walked in the desert, deserting the dessert i eat, cries Roarke in his sleep.
- Don’t break those rejuvenation glasses, or i will break you in breaking your oath !
- A vale of fear or indifference has struck something unknown.

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