Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Programs i use for making textures

                         Unfinished nails on a table, 159,91,83 RGB for the transparent color made with Paint Shop Pro 7

I use Paint Shop Pro 7, Paint from windows 7, Wally (wal. texture editor). As you know, Quake 2 textures are wal. files. Below is other android programs that i use. Simple to use my phone and use them.

HD Model Viewer

View full-detail, 3D textured models and animations from over 20 different formats.
Supported model formats include:
FBX (ascii), 3DS, BLEND, DAE (Collada), PLY, STL, OBJ, SMD, X, LWO, LXO, LWS, XML, DXF, HMP, MD2, MD3, MD5, MDC, MDL(Quake), NFF, TER, AC3D, MS3D(Milkshape), IFC-STEP, ASE

Background Eraser

This is an application for cutting pictures and for making a picture's background transparent.

Jota Text Editor

Jota is a text editor designed for a long text file.
- Change character codes.
- Auto-Detect linebreak code.
- Change linebreak code.
- Keep linebreak code until saving a file.
- Save position of the cursor with file.
- Save history of recened files.

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Fantasy Name Generator

Using a database of historical medieval terms, this app generates names for dungeon, inn, city, castle, land and sea environments for fantasy and role playing games.
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Fantasy Insult Generator

There are thousands of possible combinations, for fantasy writers, RPG and MMO gamers, roleplayers (D&D, Pathfinder, etc), and any of you others who need to assault your enemy with the venomous barbs of the tongue we have put at your disposal.
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Pixel art Painter Free 

Maximum canvas size depends on the terminal.
Supports animated GIF of up to 1000 frames maximum

or hit the dot according to the grid, can draw freehand painting.
fill, line, rectangle, circle, invert, rotate, copy, paste, basic functions, eyedropper, undo redo, available.
Transparent-color, animation setting is easy.
Palette is freely editable, save if needed, can be read.
Can also read the existing GIF or JPG or PNG etc image files for editing.

Pixly - Pixel Art Editor

Pixly is a complete pixel art editor for Android devices. It excels where all other editors for phones and tablets fall short.

Text drawing;
• Palettes;
• Color ramps;
• Opacity;
• Transparent and non transparent background;
• Patterns;
• Arcs and Curves;

ProD&D Dungeon Generator

ProDnD is a small app with a big premise: INFINITE DUNGEONS! It features cool random generator algorithms to generate completely original dungeons, giving the players and the DM more time to create immersive adventures and narration within the dungeon.
* Simple grid layout can be used for most tabletop RPG games such as D&D and Pathfinder.
* Gray Lake's own ProD procedural dungeon generator engine and algorithms.
* Create virtually unlimited variety of dungeons with highly adjustable properties.
* Dungeons, Caves, Abandoned Mines, Mazes, Dwarf Villages, Round Rooms, Rocky Fields, Old Ruins

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