Sunday, September 20, 2015

Brendon Chung interview

As i already mentioned, i have sent some emails to former DoD developers/map designers. Beside Ben Glover who answered, another well known person in the gamers community, that aswered and gived me a interview, was Brendon Chung, who founded the company Blendo Games.

Wiki :
Blendo Games
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The interview :

Hi, we are two twin brothers and we like to ask you a few questions. Feel free to say "No comment" :)

1. You, being a pc games programer, how did you managed or get inspired to develop your games ? I always imagine and didn't read on wikipedia, that you have, as a student, get interested on games, maybe being part of the Doom game comunity and such. I myself like Quake 2, but feel that i must know more first about Quake.

When I was younger, my hobby was playing with the Doom map editor. I later moved on to the Quake and Half-life games, and it was around this time I began to learn some basic programming.

2. What is your favorite game, games and genre of games ? I guess you like System Shock beside others ?

I have a lot of favorites. Some of my favorites are Another World and Thief.

3. Any plans for the future ?

I have a ton of goofy game ideas. More than enough to last a lifetime.

4. I myself consider that gameplay is above the a game graphics. What do you think ?

I think everything works in relation to one another. Graphics exist to serve the gameplay, and gameplay exists to serve graphics. The same is true for all the other parts of a game.

5. Do you prefer to get in touch with the gamers/developers in a comunity or rather work by yourself ?

I like to have a community of other developers to ping ideas off of and be a support network.

6. Any chance for improvement on your behalf if it is needed ?

Games are complicated things. I'm learning new things every day.

7. Why do you think developers don't make old games recreations more often ?

I think we see plenty of remakes. I like playing them, so I love it.

8. Does your compiler/program you use, have a limit, beside the pc proccesor power or other issues ? 

I'm sure it does, but I don't think I'm good enough of a programmer to know them.

9. Any advice for a newbie game programer, beside learning by himself ?
Learning at school, if the school has a good and willing teacher, is great.

My suggestion is usually to make something and release it. Seeing a project from conception to shipping is invaluable experience.

10. Do you prefer lan or online gaming or none ? I myself prefer multiplayer over single player. A single player game must be real good.

I grew up playing singleplayer and multiplayer, so I like all of those things.

12. What you rather try not do to, in developing ?

Making an online multiplayer game is is a big technical challenge. I'm looking forward to trying to make one someday.

13. And one final question, 13 number not being superstitious for you i hope, can you tell me something about your involvement in Quake 2 Dawn of Darkness developement ?

When I was brought on to Dawn of Darkness, most of the work had already been done. It was very impressive work. The team had pushed the Quake 2 engine veyr far.

In terms of my contributions, I did some minor lighting work on a few maps and made the floating airship in the final map.

Thank you for your answers and i hope many people learn from your experience about pc games and programing.

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