Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ben Glover Dawn of Darkness missing maps, env, etc.

Go there on moddb for the old unreleased DoD files i have post :

Dawn of Darkness missing maps, env, sounds

I have older DoD files from Ben Glover, former DoD map designer, after talking with him. The zepelin level and mine level, among others, are included. Don't use the gamex86.dll included (some AI soldiers get stuck).
Even without this release off gamex86.dll, copy all the folders in your roarke folder. Don't overwrite your existing text files, just let it copy the new ones. It is posible that the identical old ones contain missing lines. This was work in progress, but it has new unused enemies sounds etc., so after you play the maps, leave this old DoD to work with the Quark editor.
The list is :
env, maps (just .bsp files not .map files), pics, players, scrnshot, sounds, sprites, texts, textures, working dll

The map list is, bsp only :
6_2v17, dod2_1_39, dod5_1, DOD5_2, dod6_2_1, dod6_3r2, dod6_4, DOD9_1

The maps are :
Into the Earth, Welcome Home, Cheitan Guns, Into the Earth, dod6_2_1, Mine Docks, Citadel Docks.

Thank you Mr. Ben Glover. I dedicate this to EricBoyceU and all the DoD players.

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