Wednesday, September 2, 2015

QeffectsGL as of 2015, have problems, hard fix applied

Renaming opengl32.dll from QeffectsGL, as 3dfxgl.dll and viceversa (3dfxgl.dll as opengl32.dll), fooled Quake 2. In the video menu of DoD, you apply default opengl, than 3dfx opengl. Next time you gotta do it all over again (apply the video modes and QeffectsGL will work) because it is reverting to software mode. If your DoD works, under a different operating machine, don't do this. If you don't want to use QeffectsGL, OpenGL or software that belongs to the DoD mod will work.

This is 3.24, use it with Dawn of Darkness.
This is a simple, no-frills patch that fixes bugs (including the nVidia 191.x driver
crash) and adds only meager tweaks aside from Ogg Vorbis support.  Intended for
Quake2 purists who have been using the woefully out of date version 3.20, it is not
intended to add new features or be an engine mod in its own right.

It is based on the 3.21 source released by John Carmack in December 2001, with code
by myself, Berserk, CDawg, Pat Aftermoon, Anthony Jacques, David M. Pochron, Dopefish, GuyP, Jitspoe,
MH, MrG, NeVo, Skuller, Riot, R1ch, Psychospaz, Pooy, Sul, and anybody else I forgot.

As this release is not made or supported by id Software or Activision, please don't
ask them for support with this.

dawn of darkness enhanced graphics v1

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