Friday, October 9, 2015

Dawn of Darkness multiplayer


We decided to restore the majority of the functionality for Dawn of Darkness multiplayer, deathmatch and coop.

dawn of darkness multiplayer

 Put the files from Moddb in the roarke folder. Also, the pak4.pak file included in this archive must be renamed to another higher number if you have another .pak file with the same name.

 Also do not forget to download: Dawn of Darkness working player sounds v. 1 and Dawn of Darkness working player sounds v. 2, at Moddb site in the link at the end of this document, to hear proper player sounds.

Rename autoexec file to something else, when you want to work with Quark editor to make your own multiplayer maps or you will not see the models in Quark 3d view, because Quark will recognise the map as a single player. Rename it back to "autoexec", when you want to play online.
Quark editor will make a maps folder with .bsp and .map files in your Dawn of Darkness folder, that he will use when you work with the editor. This is for Quark purpurses only ! The maps you make can be moved to your .pak file, in a maps folder, after that. This has been done for you, with the multiplayer deathmatch test map included in the .pak file.

Modify the .lst file too with a text editor and add other levels (in the file garthdm is the .bsp file name and "The Garth of the Disquiet" is the next map name that will appear on the server multiplayer list) :
You to can put maps in the .pak file with pakscape or Qped 2 programs, which opens .pak files.

If you open the .bsp file on the first window, at the list, remove ; worldspawn, so only { remains in the first line, or the game will not run your map. Then hit save and save all, and of course do not delete the other text lines, except if you want to remove a item for example.
If you want more options for Quake 2, like various graphics settings, and higher resolution, update to Quake II v3.24 unofficial patch.

In the quark editor only use the info_player_deathmatch for deathmach and coop, because info_player_coop does not have a spawn function.

In single player and cooperation you "activate" different weapons and armor, but ammo and majority of the items you manually pick them up (hit spacebar for example to pick them up).
In deathmatch you walk over them to pick them up automaticaly and you use them instantly, when health is low for example.
If in single player, cooperation and deathmatch you encounter a chest, "activate" it and get the items from it for a later use. In deathmatch, if they are 2 items of the same type in a chest, you will take all.
Blur (invisibility) doesen't work in deathmatch. Is like a supernatural thing trows a thin water on you. Works only in single player and cooperation against AI.
The inventory (I press Tab in my case) works only in single and coop.
The prev and next item works in all cases.

The items, monsters and different and many tutorials and explanations are found on moddb, in Dawn of Darkness.qrk Read me file, along with the file "Dawn of Darkness.qrk" file, needed if you want to make a single player, coop or deathmatch map with Quark editor 6.6 beta 5 or a later version.
GarthDM map was modified by adding lights, items, ammo and weapons, etc.

Done :
Made a autoexec.cfg.
Made a map.lst, in which you can add your own map names. Be sure that you always leave a blank line on the end of this file, or Quake 2 will crash when you want to make a server.
Added proper players folder in the mod, so that you can now see in multiplayer, the player model.
Added in multiplayer player setup the player with his sword in his hand.
Changed the scoreboard tag.
Added "tallbush1.pcx", "tree2.pcx" files from an old Dawn of Darkness demo, in "pak3.pak". This plant skins are for a summer season, when all is greener.
Added "hrdrk074.wal" and "day_... .pcx" files, in "pak3.pak". This files ("hrdrk074.wal" and "day_... .pcx") are made by Alex Kazhdan (see GarthDM readme). Now you have day, not only night for Dawn of Darkness maps.
For now, the scoreboard is registering only the deaths (in deathmatch, the time limit works).
Tested different automatic and manual item, weapon and armor pickups.
Tested coop with npc and monsters.
Added player logo for scoreboard.
Edited the The Garth of the Disquiet level (garthdm .bsp file).
Removed blunderbuss crosshair so it is not that easy in multiplayer.
Added a second twin skin for the male model, from Ben Glover release, so now you have two different armor skins good for deatmatch.
Made a second player potrait out of the first one.
Added a story for the coop mode in the The Garth of the Disquiet level.

Not done :
Scoreboard registering frags.
No player name on scoreboard.
More than two skins for male model.
Female model with the coresponding skins.

File uploaded : Dawn of darkness multiplayer.rar
Level info :
Cooperative : Yes, it is capable of monsters, quests from npc and stories.
Deatmatch : Yes, but with no score yet.
Difficulty setting : No.
New textures : Yes, from Alex Kazhdan (sky and textures).
Editor used:
QuArk editor 6.6 beta 5, but you can use the latest vesion.
PC used to compile, test and play : Intel Pentium 3.30 Ghz Dual Core with 8 gb memory.
Credits go to:
id Software : For Quake 2
Alex Kazhdan : For the textures and the sky.
Anssi Hyytiäinen : Author of the original The Garth of the Disquiet level (garthdm .bsp file).

You are free to edit and add to this level.
Ask permission from Alex Kazhdan if you want to use his textures for another project.

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