Sunday, October 25, 2015

My ideas for Quark editor

1. Start Quark in window mode, this helps when someone opens two instances of Quark with two maps to be tested visually.
2. Hover over the prefab list to see a thumnail of your prefab.
3. Mouse scroll in the tree-view, under worldspawn.
4. Independent mouse movement (and zooming) in the 4 layout windows. In this case i could be wrong and it can be edited somewhere.
5. Going to the Options tab - Configuration... - Map - Bulding, and changing Default brush-entity size to a any value does not work. If i hover over the newly created cube in a layout wireframe window it shows w: 128 d: 128 h: 128 different of the size i put as default as above.
6. To have two butons: Inflate and Deflate, and not one, because going to the CFG (Change this toolbar settings) button takes time.
7. To put from A to Z, items from "New map items" when pressing "insert".
8. Adding a text box, where you can use it as a notepad, within Quark.
9. Adding a mouse scroll in "Texture Browser" and on the texture list on the right.
10. Adding a word to "Import files" - "Import (copy) files or "Make file links", as it not explaining best within Quark, what are different from each other.
11. Better tutorial for terrain maker.
12. Adding a search function upon pressing entity list in a .bsp file.
13. When making a brush, it keeps deselecting when i press "Cut faces...".
14. The "New map items..." window doesen't preserve its modified width, when its opened again.
15. Quark translated in another language ?
16. Quark sometimes hides its new texture addon folder, its shows it again after closing first Quake 2 "used textures" list. Can "used textures" be removed or disabled by default ?
17. Adding description for prefabs. When clicking insert you see description for others (description can be added by opening .qrk file with Quark, but not for prefabs).
18. To put from A to Z, prefabs from "New map items" when pressing "insert".
19. "You have copied a large amount of data to the clipboard. Do you want to keep this data in the clipboard now ?" Can a better connection of clipboard with Quark be made ? Shortening this message or not showing it by choice may be better.
20. When modify a addon .qrk file, "Cannot write into file bla bla.qrk, because it is currently opened in another window. Save your work in another file." message appears. What window ? Save doesn't work, only save as.
21. Add snap to grid icon in Quark.
22. When you shrink a poly, it should snap to grid by choice.
23. Add icons in Quark for external shape, terrain and other programs.
24.  Maybe a more descriptive and/or arranged Quark icons.

Quark ideas

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