Saturday, October 3, 2015

QuArK editor .qrk file for DOD map making

Read bellow and enjoy the editor and this good game.
"History, tale and story of Dawn of Darkness" text is the work of Dawn of Darkness developer team. I have added monsters and npc and other objects, items, corpses, plants, monsters and npc and their possible effects (moodname, guard_distance, etc) that the editor did not add. I have added in the Dawn of Darkness.qrk file, their description (when you hover with your mouse over the little book of help), and their corresponding model and skin so you can see them in the 3d view. Also, i added the bounding boxes, but you must go in 3d view and adjust them as you want.
This video is of a map i made, to show a little example of what the editor and the mod can do.

Quark editor dawn of darkness .qrk file 

QuArK editor .qrk file V.2 for DOD map making

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